Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Where have I been?

Okay I must admit.

I do have a tendency to not post anything. I think it has to do with accessibility of a typing machine. My computer is old but my iPhone works and unfortunately I dont know a good app to use to keep up with what I want to post.

BUT, my Instagram is alive and thriving. Please go check it out and follow. Its such an easier platform for me to use. I just wish Blogger didnt get rid of the app.

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Moorten's Botanical Garden - an Oasis in the Desert

Every year I visit Southern California to Palm Springs. My main focus is to ride my bike and to support the local communities. The past years Ive been lucky enough to enjoy a little more of Palm Springs instead of eating out or riding my bike.

This year was unique visit as it was the weird winter storm that slammed California.

When arriving to Palm Springs its been pouring the streets were flooded which was on a Friday nights and Saturday was cycling day which was amazingly gorgeous and sunny, but Sunday came along and not so much. It was pouring cats and dogs, but luckily not in the morning so we decided to visit Moorten Botanical Garden before the storm came.

We did see some beautiful territorial Hummingbirds with purple throats, they weren't too happy about us being in their cacti garden :)

 Here are some of the pics from this gorgeous Garden.

I would visit again if we weren't racing mother nature and would love to take my time and sit on a bench and just take it all in.

At the end of your tour, you can go shopping in their nursery. 

Also, not all of the plants are labeled but the main plants on display are labeled in the garden.

Moorten Botanical Garden 
1701 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264 
(760) 327-6555

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Conservatory of Flowers - SF

One of those gems in SF filled with humidity, greens, oddities, and gorgeous flowers. If you have time in San Francisco, check out the Conservatory of Flowers. You can do a self tour or have someone guide you. 

A lot of tropical type plants that will please everyone who visits. Orchids, Bromeliads, Tillandsias, Cycads, carnivorous plants, some succulents.

The first set is from the main parts inside the conservatory. 

L: Blooming Orchid; R: Cactus

L: Cactus type; R: Cycad

L: Living Wall filled with Cacti, Tillandsias, & ferns; R: Leaves with textures, not too sure what it is.

L: Staghorn Fern; R: Pitcher Plant

L & R: A giant bromeliad in bloom

L: Bromeliad filled with water in its "cups"; R: inside a Pitcher Plant

L: Pitcher Plant; R: Bromeliad inflorescence

L: Hanging Pitcher Plant; R: Tillandsia

L: Cactus type; R: a cute chubby Pitcher Plant

L: Pitcher Plant showing its "Fangs"; R: Chinese Lantern hibiscus. 

L: Bromeliads; R; a large Tillandsia

L: Giant Hibiscus flower; R: Mixed Tillandsias

L & R: Tillandsias

L: Epiphyllum Cactus; R: a rare Orchid in bloom

L: Tillandsia R: flowers on an unknown plant

L: tillandsia umbellata; R: cute flowers looking like elf shoes

L: Staghorn Fern; R: unknown

L & R: Amorphophallus titanum aka Corpse Flower sending its giant canopy of greens

L: Dioscorea macrostachya aka "Tortoise plant" R: Cycad type? not sure

L & R: Euphorbia lactea "White Ghost"

Pitcher Plant - Nepenthes robcantleyi with its large pitchers

Special Exhibit: Butterflies and Blooms
To add something special to the whole plant experience, the conservatories special exhibit included butterflies. Its fun trying to see if you can spot all of the butterflies listed on their board. 

A little Bit of a Xero Idea:
 Now to one of my favorite parts of the conservatory which is outside and free. Enjoy the beauty of all of the succulents and cacti that can grow in San Francisco. 

Conservatory of Flowers

Golden Gate Park
100 John F. Kennedy DriveSan Francisco, CA 94118